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Company Profile

Shenzhen Chenri Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the innovation of semiconductor packaging materials, LED packaging materials and electronic assembly materials. It is the first to propose flip-chip pack

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  • 地址:深圳市南山區桃源街道塘朗工業區A區6棟
  • 電話:136-8640-8218(隋小姐)
  • 傳真:86-0755-86560750
  • 郵箱:esun@earlysun.com

News Center

5G mobile phone officially launched! Morning Science and Technology carry key materials "wait and see"

Yesterday morning, the first domestic 5G mobile phone was officially launched. I...

Our company brings key packaging materials to help transform the new era of Mini LED

As a national high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic fine chemicals, Ch...

AUTO TECH 2019 China International Automotive Technology Exhibition

AUTO TECH 2019 China International Automotive Technology Exhibition will be held...

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